About Weinand Militaria

Weinand Militaria offers a wide range of military relics from Germany, Japan and the United States covering the period from WWI through WWII. Our inventory of edged weapons, uniforms, helmets, medals and awards, accouterments, documents and miscellaneous items from these countries offered to the discriminating collector is of the very best quality and originality. Our agents travel the country buying from veterans and their families to bring you totally original material from unquestionable sources.
        While soliciting collectors want lists, which are held on file for six months, we search for new items and adjust our inventory daily to provide the collector with specific wants as soon as they arrive.
        In order to better assist the collecting community, we carry a wide range of collector reference books and offer an SS Officer Research Service by name or serial number. We also have access to the names and numbers of some of the Gold Party Badge holders for further research.
        This is, by no means, a complete listing of all we have available. Email us with your wants. We will do our best to fill them. 
        Whether you are a first-time customer or a long-time collecting acquaintance, let Weinand Militaria serve as your source for quality military relics, reference information and identification.